Blackthorn now has the ability to create Solid Plastic or Steel machined lettering inserts for all of your molds that require permanent cast in identification.

Custom Lettering Plate Installation Instructions Call for a Quote!

Individual Magnetic Numbering Plates

  • We can machine:
  • Company Name or Logo
  • Warnings or Phrases
  • Inlet/Outlet
  • Part Numbers
  • Capacities
  • Descriptions
  • Line Art
  • Images
  • Production Dates
  • Etc…The Sky’s the Limit!
  • Cast-In or Stamped-In
  • Highly customizable
Cornell U Sign with chappy 221w
Cornell University Combined Heat & Power Plant Logo
Meets ASTM Standards smaller
Meets ASTM Bolt-On Plate
long fish lettering plate 221wNew fish lettering plate 200w
Dump No Waste Custom Lettering Plates
R.O.W. (Right Of Way)
Water Line Magnetic Plate
high voltage cutout
DANGER High Voltage Magnetic Plate
Protect US 100h
Protect US Logo Plate
2008 cutout 50h 2009 cutout 50h
2008 2009 Number Plates
Inlet/Outlet Bolt-On Lettering Plate
DUCT cutout
DUCT Custom Lettering Plate
500+1250 GAL 100h
500 GAL 1250 GAL Lettering Plates
T350-P350 cutout 100h
Custom T-350 P-350 Plates
ALDOT Cutout 41h
Custom Lettering Plate
Stand Alone Individual Letters & Numbers
MCD cutout 75h
Custom Individual Letters
Corporate Logo Examples
bycrete in casting smaller
By-Crete Company Logo Impression
S&M 100h
S & M Precast Logo Plate
Garden State 100h
Garden State Precast Logo Plate
nance 100h plate
Nance Precast Logo Plate
Cretex 100
Cretex West Logo Plate
Mack Ind 100h
MACK IND NPCA Certified Plant Logo Plate
Scituate Precast Logo Plate 100
Scituate Precast Logo Plate
Scituate Lettering Plate 100
Scituate Precast Conforms To ASTM C-1227