Steel Hole-Formers

  • Flatwall or Cylindrical Structures
  • Any Diameter or Wall Thickness
  • Zero-Taper or Tapered Pans
  • Innovative Release Clamp
  • Eliminates “Flat Spots”
  • Great for Flat Tops
  • Jacket Mount or Core Mount
  • Mounting Magnets Available
  • Custom Made to Your Specifications

Round Steel Zero-Taper Hole-Former for Flatwall


Closed Face Steel Knockout


Octagonal Steel Hole-Former / Knockout


Parallel Zero-Taper Hole Former
(This Hole Former matches the I.D. of any 15″ pipe and works with the Vortex System)


Round Steel Hole Former for Cylindrical Wall



Slant Zero-Taper Steel Hole-Former



Large Doghouse Zero-Taper Steel Hole-Former


Casting made with Closed Face Steel Knockout


Rectangular Steel Hole-Former / Knockout


Parallel Zero-Taper Steel Hole Formers


Tapered Pin

Ideal for forming lifting pin holes and step pin holes

Pins include collars and locking pins

ANY and ALL Applications

We build Custom Sizes