In 1974, Ron Yoakum, elder son of National Precast Concrete Association’s founding member Robert Yoakum, and a leader in his own right in the precast concrete industry, started Blackthorn as a manufacturer of goods and services for both the construction industry and the precast concrete industry. Originally named Dura-Tech, Blackthorn began operations in Dayton, Ohio and quickly became an industry leader in the manufacturing and distribution of watertight rubber gaskets and seals for concrete manholes and septic tanks, plastic rebar spacers, fiberglass hole-formers, and concrete patching materials for the precast concrete industry.

In 1994, we moved our fiberglass manufacturing facility to Clayton, Ohio and changed our name to Blackthorn. That same year, Greg Benedict was hired as General Sales & Marketing Manager, and was given the task of re-focusing Blackthorn’s marketing efforts to include the entire North American continent. Additionally, Blackthorn broadened its product offering. The company began forging relationships with strong suppliers around the world, allowing us to distribute and manufacture a wide variety of analogous products. These products include, but are not limited to, hole-formers, concrete vibrators, wire cage welder replacement parts, an extensive variety of rubber gaskets and seals for the concrete industry, a complete and extensive line of plastic rebar chairs, clips, wheels, slab bolster, and accessories, a complete line of chemicals and grouts and epoxies, core bits and saw blades, fiberglass molds for the manufacture of small concrete products, and specialty and custom fiberglass products.

In 2002, Blackthorn expanded its manufacturing operations yet again to include metal fabrication. Blackthorn has state-of-the-art equipment, including, but not limited to, rollers, benders, lathes, CNC milling machines, etc. This equipment allows us to manufacture a wide variety of products for the precast industry, including, but not limited to, molds/forms, tapered pins, lettering plates, patterns, core bit barrels, pallet supports, step pin assemblies, etc.

In 2009, Ron Yoakum sold Blackthorn, Inc. to Greg Benedict, and the name was changed to Blackthorn, LLC.

In 2015, Greg’s son, Nate, joined Blackthorn full-time as the company’s Sales & Marketing Manager, following in his father’s footsteps.

Thank you for visiting our website. For over 45 years, Blackthorn has been a leader in the precast concrete/construction industry. We hope that our reputation of providing COMPREHENSIVE SERVICE and QUALITY PRODUCTS at COMPETITIVE PRICES will encourage you to establish a business relationship with us. We will work to earn your future patronage.

Corporate Mission Statement :

Blackthorn, LLC is committed to excellence, resulting in total customer satisfaction while providing the highest quality products and services for the best value.

Additionally — Using the “Golden Rule” as our guide, the employees of Blackthorn, LLC are committed to integrity, team concept, pride of workmanship, and individual fulfillment.

Consequently — Blackthorn, LLC. will continue to be an innovative leader in the industry we serve. We will conduct business ethically, be responsible corporate citizens, and communicate our mission through our actions and accomplishments.