Specialty Fiberglass Parts

Blackthorn can Manufacture ANYTHING out of Fiberglass!

Metal and/or Plastic parts are sometimes not the most economical or practical option — THINK FIBERGLASS.

Pouring Lids

Fiberglass Pouring Lids are lightweight yet strong. They will not bend or bow.

Our Fiberglass Pouring Lids are domed to help concrete flow into the mold with ease, and feature a flat spot in the middle to hold extra concrete until the next part is ready to be poured.

Ideal for SCC Concrete.

Both ROUND & SQUARE shapes are available.


Truing Rings

Available in “INNERS” and “OUTERS”


Light Pole Base “Wedge” Blockouts

Four (4) blockouts fit snugly together to create an assembly for a light pole base form.

 Blockouts create access points in a concrete light pole base.

Featured blockouts are 6″ wide (at widest point) x 22″ (to 24″) high x 11.875″ thick for a 24″ dia. light pole base.


Hole-Formers for “Oversized” / Very Thick Flat Wall Structures

6″ dia. (tapering to 7″) x 16″ thick “hourglass” hole-former assembly

Solution for a hole-former needed in a very thick flat wall structure that cannot be achieved by our standard hole-former molds.

Two (2) fiberglass hole-formers are bolted together with 1/2″ coil rod to achieve desired wall thickness.

To strip, simply detach the two pieces by backing out the coil rod and remove separately.


Custom Specialty Fiberglass Parts

Model Airplane Nose Cone

CONTACT US with details about your custom project!