Foam Hole-Formers

Quick, low cost option. Most orders can be completed in 1-2 days. Ideal for limited run and/or very time sensitive productions.

ANY size or shape – flat or round wall.

MOUNTING MAGNETS are available.


18″ dia. Parallel Foam Hole-Former for 6″ wall x 60″ I.D. (functional for “vortex” manholes)


64″ dia. Foam Hole-Former for 9″ wall x 96″ I.D. manhole (custom cut for “split barrel” application)


2″ & 4″ PVC Septi-Seal Gaskets on “Ready-to-Pour” Foam Mandrels


89″ dia. hole in a 96″ I.D. manhole

Created by a Blackthorn Foam Hole-Former


92″ OFFSET CORNER Foam Hole-Former for Flatwall (on a pallet ready to ship)


Challenge: a precaster needed a one-time use mold for the base of a column…


Solution: a multi-layered foam mold!