Steel Hole-Formers

Steel Hole-Formers are an extremely durable hole-forming option. At Blackthorn, we manufacture our steel hole-formers heavy-duty and built to last with precasters in mind.

CUSTOM MADE to Your Specifications!

Available for Flat or Round Wall Structures – ANY diameter or wall thickness.

Great for “Flat Tops.”

Zero-Taper Hole-Formers feature our exclusive, innovative “Mighty-Fine” RELEASE/LOCKING CLAMP for easy setup & removal. See the clamp in action below!


Round Zero-Taper Hole-Former for Flatwall


Cylindrical Wall Zero-Taper Hole-Former


Flatwall Tapered Pans


Cylindrical Wall Tapered Pan


Large Doghouse Zero-Taper Hole-Former


Stepped Tapered Pan