Blackthorn has Solid Plastic and Steel machined lettering plates for all of your molds that require permanent cast in identification.

We have hundreds of existing molds with generic labels and messages to choose from (inlet/outlet, tank gallons, individual letters and numbers, etc).

If we do not have a mold for what you need, or you want a unique message or logo, we are happy to make a brand new mold to your EXACT specifications!


Multiple mounting options are available:


Made out of rigid urethane. For flat wall molds only. Installing properly with silicone sealant will create a strong, long lasting seal on the mold, similar to a welded-on metal labeling plate, at a fraction of the cost.

CLICK HERE for BOLT-ON Lettering Plate Installation Instructions


Made out of flexible urethane. For flat and curved wall molds. Easy to remove and mount. This maneuverability makes them a versatile option for messages that you don’t always want in a particular mold, want to display on various different structures, etc.


Made out of rigid urethane with a handle on the back. For stamping messages in concrete structures while they cure. Highest amount of maneuverability since they are not mounted to your mold. Great mass-stamping multiple pieces at a time, as well as stamping messages in the tops of structures (where there is no mold wall to mount to).


We can machine:

  • Company Name and/or Logo
  • Warnings or Phrases
  • Inlet/Outlet
  • Part Numbers
  • Tank Capacities
  • Descriptions
  • Line Art
  • Images
  • Production Dates
  • Etc…The Sky’s the Limit!


Cornell University Combined Heat & Power Plant Logo

NPCA Certified Plant Magnetic Logo Plate

Meets ASTM C 1227

American Legion Logo


Inlet & Outlet

Protect US Logo

Dump No Waste – Drains To Waterway

2019 Year Plate

Danger High Voltage

DOT Labels

Individual Letters

500 GAL 1250 GAL Lettering Plates

Garden State Precast Logo

Jarrett Concrete Logo

City of Newcastle, IN Logo