Brass Hammers

6 lbs. Brass Hammer w/ Short Handle

Designed with the Precast Industry in mind!

Because brass is softer than steel, it will not damage steel pallets, molds, etc.

CLICK THE HAMMER ABOVE to see a list of standard sizes.

Rubber Hammers

Ideal for removing Fiberglass Hole-Formers from concrete castings without causing damage to the hole-former.

One side of head is wedge-shaped for easy removal of Corner Hole-Formers.

Available in two (2) Handle Lengths – SHORT (pictured above) & LONG (2-hand sledgehammer)

“Pin Popper” Slide Hammer Tool

Available as a TWO PIN/COMBO (for Magnetic Step Pin Assemblies) & a SINGLE PIN (for tapered pins and hole-formers with threaded insert mounting hardware).

Recess Member Removal Tool

Quickly and easily remove Utility Recess Members!

Improvised removal tools like screwdrivers and rebar scraps can cause unnecessary damage to recess members. Use the right tool for the job!

Button Magnet Lifting/Disengagement Tool

Button Magnets have extremely strong magnetic force, which makes the button difficult to release once they are locked onto a steel surface. Our tool allows you to use leverage to easily disengage the button.

Concrete Vibrators

Blackthorn is an authorized dealer of NORTHROCK and VIBCO vibration products.

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Material Handling

EZ Lift Pins

5,500 lbs. capacity.

CLICK HERE for spec sheet.

Rigging Attachments